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Bushey and Oxhey Methodist Church

Stewardship week 2014
Sunday February 9th  - Sunday February 16th

“A time to say ‘thank you’.” 

In saying ‘thank you’ to God for his many blessings, we are called to examine how we use our time, talents and money to enable the worship, mission and service of our church to continue.  

So why do we give?

We give to say ‘thank you’ to God for enriching our lives
We give to say ‘thank you’ for God’s love for us day by day
We give to share all that we have received from God
We give to maintain and develop our church building as a place for worship, fellowship, and service
We give to provide and share resources to reach out to our community nearby
We give to help and care for the most vulnerable in our society
We give to provide a Christian voice on the issues facing our society
Making a lasting difference!

Every year there is the serious issue of finding more and more resources, be it in time, talent or money to maintain the fabric, service and mission of our Church and especially  if we are also to maintain our long standing commitment to our level of charitable giving. 

2014 is no different!

But  we are asked to make a ‘lasting difference’....each age has had to adjust for its time and context.  Adapting to change has been part of the Church since the Church has been the Church!   

We too are asked to review continually how our Church is making our message relevant and our ministry effective. So on the second Sunday of Stewardship – Feb 16th, we will embark on a ‘Stewardship Season’ which will involve a series of discussions on ‘What would Jesus have us do in our particular time and place?’ That’s the question that each of us is being asked to ponder during the Stewardship Season; and in doing so we will hopefully come up with some thought provoking ideas and even answers!


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