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Bushey and Oxhey Methodist Church

Advent prayer

In Advent we should try the key
to our heart’s door.
It may have gathered rust.
If so, this is the time to oil it,
in order that the heart’s door
may open more easily
when the Lord Jesus wants to enter
at  Christmas time!

Lord. oil the hinges of our hearts’ doors
that they may swing gently and easily
to welcome your coming.

Prayer of a New Guinea Christian
Quoted in the Lion Prayer collection


From The Church-English Dictionary
‘Doubts are the ants in the pants of faith. They keep it awake and moving ‘ (Buechner)


The Plectra Orchestra, who meet on
Friday evenings
on our premises held a very successful concert last month.

They felt they would like to do something for the Syrian Crisis Appeal and raised the grand total of

Don’t want to go to School”

I don’t want to go to school today, Mum.
I don’t feel like school work today.
Oh don’t make me go to school today, Mum.
Oh please let me stay home and play.
But you must go to school, my cherub, my lamb.
If you don’t it will be a disaster.
How would they manage without you my sweet
After all you are the headmaster.

Offered by Donald Morton
And dedicated all those teachers, past and present who (just occasionally!) have felt like this!


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