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Bushey and Oxhey Methodist Church

Exhibitions at Bushey & Oxhey Church

Our Flower Festival provides a golden feast 
The annual three-day ‘Flower Festival’ (from July 13th through to Sunday July 15th ) as part of the ‘2012 Bushey Festival’ was hosted at this Church.   A beautiful array of floral displays illustrated the chosen theme ‘More than Gold’ which is the ‘motto’  being used by the Methodist Church to engage with the Community during the Olympics.
A wide range of ‘Golden’ themes were portrayed using stunning blooms and creative displays.  Some used a quotation from a hymn or a well known phrase or saying as well as highlighting things in life that are more precious that gold such as love, humanity, water, family etc.  This summer may have been a wash-out but the colour, fragrance and sheer quality of the floral exhibits brightened up the Church and brought some sunshine to those who visited!

All proceeds from the event went to two charities (Ashram and Lemonaid) who are both closely connected with Bushey and Oxhey Methodist Church.  Ashram is a charity operating out of this church that works on specific projects to change the lives of the poorest, especially women and children, within the Indian sub- continent and neighbouring countries. Lemonaid also works on defined schemes in the poorest parts of the world.  The grandson of one of B & O’s members is currently with his family working to rebuild, improve and extend a hospital in Haiti, which was destroyed by the earthquake.